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Neatsvor® is a robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer with absolute R&D and manufacturing capabilities, which is why we can provide high-quality robot vacuum cleaners at low prices

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Forget your home cleaning struggles with Neatsvor robotic vacuum cleaners

Neatsvor robot vacuum cleaning are the ideal tool that help to completely transform the way you go about your house chores.

With features like mopping, floor sterilization, dust, food crumb and pet hair removal, the device lets you relax as it performs a thorough home cleaning session for you. The latest innovations for such robot helpers allow you to control all of their functionality only using a simple Wi Fi internet connection.

This means that all you have to do is download a companion app on your mobile phone and set when and where the vacuum cleaner should go to do the cleaning around your home.

At Neatsvor, we are dedicated to bringing you only the latest and greatest robot vacuum cleaners on the market, that provide you with everything you might ever need from your regular vacuum cleaner and so much more.

Forget about wasting your valuable time and energy on boring house chores and let your new home assistant take care of everything.

What are the advantages offered by a Neatsvor robot vacuum cleaner?

Most people don’t know this, but robot vacuums are not actually a new innovation. In fact, they were first conceived in the early 1990s by a group of scientists from the US.

Since then, the technology used in robot vacuums has been perfected to what it is today – one that allows you to put up your feet, relax and spend your time and the energy somewhere more useful. The main benefits of using smart robot vacuums from Neatsvor include:

  • Saving time and energy – house chores usually take a lot of our time during the day. After we get home from work or school, the last thing that we want to do is spend the rest of our energy cleaning the house. That is where a capable robot vacuum cleaner steps in. Leave the mopping, dusting and pet hair removal to your new home assistant from Neatsvor.
  • Less noise – tired of hearing the loud noises of a traditional vacuum cleaner every time you want to do a simple clean up like remove some dust or dog hair? This is where another benefit of a robot vacuum shines through. By standard, Neatsvor devices work around 20 dB more silently than a normal vacuum. This means you won’t be compromising the everyday lives of you and others around you.
  • Efficiency – thanks to its innovative technologies and programmability a robot vacuum from Neatsvor can perform various cleaning functions much more effectively than a normal vacuum cleaner. Whether it’s mopping using its built-in mopping pad and an intelligent water tank, dust, debris, pet hair, or any other type of waste removal, this type of device will excel where a typical one fails.
  • Compactness – another advantage that a robot vacuum cleaner gives is compact size. Whether it’s reaching under furniture or other places where it might be difficult for traditional vacuums to clean up, or simply its size and weight when carrying it to another room, the compactness is what separates Neatsvor devices from others.
  • Programmability – as mentioned earlier, the majority of robot vacuums these days can be easily controlled using a remote control or companion app on your mobile phone and Neatsvor products are no exception. Here, you can use such functions as scheduling (that allows the device to know when to clean), setting virtual no go zones (where the robot shouldn’t go at your house) or simply setting what functions it should perform.

How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home from our product range?

As mentioned before, a modern robot vacuum cleaner offers plenty of functionality to take care of all of your home cleaning needs. However, in order to find the right one for your setting, one must consider a few main criteria to find the best product. Whether you are looking for a cheap robot vacuum or one that’s on the top-end, we figure there are some main things you should think about carefully. These include:

Noise level

Obviously, a modern robot vacuum is quite silent in the way it operates. However, it’s still worth noting that different models might be either louder or quieter.

Luckily, Neatsvor products are far less noisy when compared to the competition. This means that even if you are looking for a budget robot vacuum, you won’t be too annoyed as it performs its job.


When it comes to the power of a robot vacuum, more of it means more efficiency when it comes to performing various cleaning functions in your home.

By standard, our products feature a suction power of 6000 Pa, allowing even challenging tasks like removing solid pet waste or cleaning low and medium pile carpets to be done quite easily. Of course, if you don’t have a huge house and want a more simple companion for your home cleaning, then an affordable robot vacuum from our product range will be the better choice. These feature a suction power of 3000 Pa.

Battery life

Obviously, a longer battery life will mean that your robot can do its job for longer without you needing to recharge it every so often. The typical battery pack found in our premium products offers a 5200 mAh capacity which results in a 2.5 hour run time and a cleaning range of 250 m2.

This is convenient if you have a large house and you plan to use your vacuum cleaner quite frequently. For those that are looking for more affordable robot vacuums, a 2500 mAh battery pack is standard on cheaper models, which is more than enough for those wanting to clean smaller areas.


Having decent capacity for your robot vacuum is another thing you should seriously consider. More space for the robot to collect various waste will mean that you won’t have to empty it out so often.

Even the cheapest models offered at Neatsvor have decent capability in this regard, especially if you will only use the device to clean a smaller sized home. Our products offer a 600ml tank to gather dust, which is more than enough.

More expensive models, like a self emptying robot vacuum will not only offer larger capacity, but will also eliminate the need for you to empty the device out yourself so often. Our top of the line model features a dust bag of almost 3 liters in volume.


Last but not least, there’s the functionality of robot vacuum cleaners to consider. As mentioned earlier, most modern devices of this type offer at least a few useful functions for convenient everyday use.

Our products feature such things as: different cleaning modes, self emptying capabilities and advanced smart mapping just to name a few. Depending on what you need, pay attention to a robot’s functionality to determine what’s best for you.

What determines how much washing robot vacuums cost?

The price of robot vacuum cleaners is arguably the most important factor for most buyers when it comes to making the final decision. Before you make a purchase, we reckon that the most important things you should consider are your budget and of course the functionality that you absolutely must have. Premium models in our range do offer self emptying capabilities, the latest laser-tech navigation and complete control over the device from your mobile phone, however, some people would much rather go for something simple.

Even the most affordable robot vacuums in our product range are powerful, functional and most importantly, effective when it comes to combating the typical waste found in a household.

If you’re looking for the best assistant for your home cleaning endeavors – choose Neatsvor.


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