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how to save time on house cleaning

5 Ways To Save Time On House Cleaning

Keeping your house clean and tidy all of the time can be a truly time consuming task. After we get back from work or school, the last thing we want to do is spend hours doing typical chores like cleaning, dusting, wiping and so on. In order to tackle these tasks as efficiently as possible, […]

misconceptions about robot cleaners

4 Common Misconceptions About Robot Cleaners Debunked

A robotic vacuum cleaner was designed to become the ultimate home assistant that helps to tackle one of the most mundane tasks one has to do on the regular – floor cleaning and vacuuming. Since its inception, the technology found in house appliances has advanced dramatically and so did robot vacuums. Despite this, however, many […]

robot vacuum maintenance

5 Tips To Make Sure Your Vacuum Cleaner Lasts For Years To Come

Any vacuum cleaner is an essential tool to have in the house, with many of us expecting it to be of service to us for many years to come. For those that have recently purchased a robotic vacuum cleaner, the same expectation remains. These devices are designed to be our helpers in doing typical chores […]

tips how to get the most out of your home cleaning device

4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Cleaning Device

If you recently bought or are seriously considering purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner, naturally, you want to get the most out of your new home cleaning assistant. However, moving on from a traditional vacuum cleaner may be a bit tricky since the way you do house chores will be significantly different. Regardless of which robot […]

Are automatic floor cleaners the future

Are Automatic Floor Cleaners The Future When It Comes To Home Cleaning?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are considered by many to be a truly bespoke innovation that revolutionized how we see home cleaning. Instead of investing our time and energy in making sure that every spot on our floor is squeaky clean, an autonomous tool like this can do the job in no time. All a homeowner should […]

cleaning areas in the home 1

Where to Store Your Vacuum Cleaner in the Apartment

One of the main issues when it comes to vacuum equipment is vacuum storage, especially if you have limited space at home. This is the reason why it is often important to consider storage options before you buy vacuum cleaners, especially since this type of equipment is a necessity in most homes and apartments. Read […]

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Why is a robot hoover the perfect choice for Christmas gifts?

Why is a robot hoover the perfect choice for Christmas gifts?      Imagine that you are done at work, and the only goal you have for the evening is to throw yourself on the couch and watch some episodes of your favorite series on Netflix. When you get home, the floor is spotless, both vacuumed […]

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Neatsvor + sustainability = True

Sustainability and the environment are something we at Neatsvor place high demands on. There is no planet B, and we are therefore helping to reduce factors that cause damage to our environment. Neatsvor has implemented several sustainable measures to create a more environmentally friendly robot vacuum cleaner. We therefore have a fixed goal to start […]

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What the X520 brings to the table – a fully functional and economical device

What the X520 brings to the table – a fully functional and economical device While most robot manufacturers are used to decorating their products with plastic panels, cheap materials and the like, neastvor dares to create new possibilities. Its bold use of tempered glass to decorate the X520‘s, combined with a control button on the top […]

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X600 – a trustworthy hybrid robot with powerful suction power

With the development of science and technology, intelligence seems gradual to be part of our lives. The interesting thing is some of us fall into the trap of the so-called modern living environment due to over-complicated tech gadgets. Luckily, there are still plain but competent devices like, X600.   As a user-friendly device,  The X600 comes […]


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