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misconceptions about robot cleaners

4 Common Misconceptions About Robot Cleaners Debunked

A robotic vacuum cleaner was designed to become the ultimate home assistant that helps to tackle one of the most mundane tasks one has to do on the regular – floor cleaning and vacuuming.

Since its inception, the technology found in house appliances has advanced dramatically and so did robot vacuums. Despite this, however, many people still believe that these devices are far inferior to your typical vacuum cleaner.

While no thing in life is without its share of drawbacks, the idea that a robot vacuum cleaner can not perform the same tasks as effectively other variants is simply not true.

Today, we will debunk the most common myths regarding robotic vacuum cleaners and address true facts about them.

They can’t perform the same job as a typical vacuum

Arguably the most popular misconception regarding robotic vacuum cleaners is the thought that they aren’t as good  at cleaning your home as a typical vacuum.

When we buy such an appliance for our homes, we expect it to tackle anything from simple dust, to pet hair and deep-floor cleaning, which is exactly what robot cleaners can do thanks to their advanced technologies. Plus the use of sensors, Wi-Fi connectivity and other features allow for maximum comfort and ease of use for the owner.

Because of this, even more difficult cleaning tasks are not a challenge for such type of vacuum.

They are too expensive for most regular households

Another popular myth of robot vacuums is that they are too expensive for most regular people to purchase.

Again, this is not true.

The biggest vacuum manufacturers in the world, offer a wide range of models, all of which are placed in different price points. While the most premium models may indeed be expensive for some, most will have no difficulty finding the right variant for them.

In fact, the majority of robotic vacuum cleaners are priced similarly to that of a regular vacuum cleaner.

Mainstream models will have no difficulty performing the same tasks as the premium ones, however, the compromise here will be some advanced features.

With Neatsvor, for example, our cheapest model costs just 199 euros, which falls right in the affordable price range.

The device is unreliable compared to a regular vacuum

Another common misconception which seems to spook away buyers is the thought that a robotic vacuum cleaner is not as reliable as your typical vacuum cleaner, simply because of the advanced gadgets and technologies that it uses.

To make sure your device works and lasts as intended, the most important thing would be to perform regular maintenance and cleanups of its most sensitive parts. This way, you will make sure the device lasts for years to come.

Most devices nowadays also come with a lengthy warranty, which means that even if something breaks, you can fix device for free or get a replacement for it.

Every device sold on the market is the same

Some buyers tend to believe that all of the robotic vacuum cleaners on the market are exactly the same, and there are no differences between different manufacturers and their models.

While robotic vacuum cleaners as such, are identical in their working principle and the way they look, they can differ in many key factors.

Some main ones are:

  • Cleaning modes – most devices sold on the market today have at least a few different cleaning modes, while premium ones also offer smart functionality.
  • Power – obviously, most home owners would like to own a powerful device that has no problems tackling even the most difficult cleaning tasks. Premium models often offer significantly more power.
  • Battery capacity – a bigger capacity means that device can operate for longer periods of time without the need for recharging. Again, pricier models will offer bigger range.
  • Other functionality – more expensive robot models will have a more advanced navigation system, smart connectivity, among other things. The functionality offered also makes a big difference.

All in all

Today we talked about 4 of the most common myths regarding robot vacuums. While misconceptions regarding these devices are common, it’s important to know what’s true before you go ahead and buy such a thing.

This way, you may know for sure, that you are buying the right assistant for your home!


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