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If you have ever looked into Neatsvor robot vacuums, you will know that X520 and X500 are both leading models. The X520 and X500 have both been around for a while, and are a great choice for a mid-range smart robot, each with a range of similar core features. But is one of the two vacuums a better choice or better value for money?

Well to make things easy for you, we compare the features of the two bots in depth below.

Before we dig in, first let’s take a look at a quick rundown of each of the robot’s features to see what you get with each robot.

The X520 has an impressive array of features that won’t disappoint:

  • Hybrid 2-in-1 vacuum and mop
  • Intelligent Control Water Tank
  • 3.0 Gyro Navigation
  • Real-time Smart Map
  • OTA Function
  • Sweeping Along The Wall
  • Virtual Wall
  • Planning cleaning
  • Multi-room Cleaning
  • Online Customer Service
  • Unique 3-stage cleaning system
  • Sweeps hidden dust along the wall
  • Low Profile- Glides under furniture easily
  • Cleaning status map
  • Hands-off vacuuming- Avoid the Obstacles
  • Auto Charge- Always prepared to clean

First let’s know the same features of these two models.

  • Navigation system:Using an advanced gyroscope technology, improved cleaning efficiency and cleaning coverage. X500 and X520 robot vacuum automatically adapts to your home. A truly intelligent device that works with S-shaped cleaning paths.
  • App: X500 and X520 has the voice and app controls, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Use these smart features to direct cleaning, or customize, schedule, monitor cleaning sessions, select cleaning modes, and know the vacuum malfunction cause with your phone. Compatible with Android & Apple.
  • Virtual Wall: Use the magnetic strip to set the virtual wall, prohibit the robot from entering the special area to clean, freely plan the cleaning area. X500 and X520 support a magnetic tape but they do not come with one in the box. You have to buy one separately.
  • Auto Charge: X500 and X520 does have a long run time, but if it doesn’t complete the cleaning cycle before the battery runs low, it can charge up in the middle of a cycle. After charging, it can return back to the last area that it cleaned and start there, continuing the cycle until the job is done.
  • Real-time Smart Map: X500 and X520 can be tracked in real-time via the app. You can see where the robot has been. See the cleaning status at any time, remotely control the robot to clean.
  • Water Tank: X520 and X500 both have Intelligent Control Water Tank, Electronically controlled water tank, use App to adjust the water output of the water tank, adopt different mopping plans according to different environments, and protect the ground under the premise of ensuring the cleaning effect.


Now We divided the difference into individual sections.

  • 1. Design
    • Now let’s take a look at the design of each bot and how easy they are to use.
    • The X500 has a sleek design with dark grey. But X520 is black design. they are also very compact and light weight with dimensions of 7.5 cm(2.9 inches) high, and net weight of main unit of just (6.6 lb)3.0 kg.
    • This low height means that your X500 and X520 can easily fit under low furniture and slide into corners with ease. This is perfect for people with lots of furniture that may be difficult to navigate around or under.
    • The light weight also means that the vacuum is super easy to carry and store, or move from room to room by hand. A great thing about this is that it can also be controlled through the app to start and schedule cleans as well as voice control.
  • 2. Specification
    • Operating noise
      • X520 and X500 has Low noise, the sound is less than 65 decibels during operation, and you are not afraid of disturbing sleep
    • Battery Capacity
      • X520 have the longer-lasting battery
      • The X520 have the longer-lasting battery and is more suitable for bigger homes than the X500. X520 ideal for multi-room, low-pile carpet, hard floor.
      • Note: not suitable for dark or long-pile carpet.
    • Dustion Capacity
      • The X520 and X500 can hold up to 600 ml of debris. While this isn’t the largest size dust bin on the market, it should be more than sufficient for most floor plans.
    • Suction
      • X520 has the stronger suction. Since it has stronger suction, the X520 does a better job on thin carpets and picks up more debris on hard floors compared to the X500. it’s perfect for dust, crumbs & pet hair, and allow for thorough cleaning under coach and closet.
  • 3. Cleaning mode&Cleaning Time
    • Smart Cleaning
      • The Neatsvor X500 and X520 will perform the Smart Cleaning according to your home environment.
      • Click the Smart Cleaning icon on the app or press on the remote control to start cleaning under the Smart Cleaning mode.
    • Spot Cleaning(APP only)
      • The Neatsvor X500 and X520 intensively cleans a specific area in a spiral pattern, useful if there is a concentrated area of dust or debris. When in the Spot Cleaning mode, the X500 will stop cleaning after 2 minutes.
      • Click the Spot Cleaning icon on the app to start cleaning under the Spot Cleaning mode.
    • Edge Cleaning
      • The Neatsvor X500 and X520 reduces its speed when it detects a wall and then follows the wall to ensure the edge is cleaned thoroughly.
      • Click the Edge Cleaning icon on the app or press on the remote control to start cleaning under the Edge Cleaning mode.
    • The smart navigation system maps out the rooms in your house and plans out the most efficient S-shaped cleaning path to avoid re-running over the same territory multiple times.
    • Bilateral brushes are designed to get hard-to-reach edges and corners for more thorough dust and hair removal, while the triple filters reduce airborne allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen.
    • X500 and X520 auto plans the path for each cleaning and memorizes the cleaned paths. It auto navigates to clean uncovered areas. Compared with the random cleaning coverage of 60%, X500 and X520 cleans effectively and covers up to 95%. efficient cleaning, no missing places, no repeated cleaning
    • Neatsvor X520 can cleaning for 150 minutes (MAX cleaning time) and the charging time is 4-6 hours, while X500 can cleaning for 90 minutes (MAX cleaning time) only, but the recharging time is also 4-6 hours. Both models have various technologies that clean air, so you will not have dust flying around your house.
  • 4. Price
    • Neatsvor X500 is the only robot vacuum under 200 EUR with gyro navigation and mapping system.
    • Neatsvor have a few discounts in festivals(such as Black Friday, Christmas…). So be sure to keep an eye on it for a few days if you’re planning to buy neatsvor because discounts are common.
  • 5. Choose Neatsvor X500 or X520?
    • If you are a busy person who wants a spotless home but doesn’t have time for constant vacuuming, a neatsvor robot vacuum might just be your new best friend.
    • The Neatsvor X500 is the cheapest model. it is good for small places with some thin carpets and mostly hard floors. If you want to get a neatsvor robot vacuum under €150, don’t have carpets, and live in a small place, the Neatsvor X500 would be a good buy.
    • The Neatsvor X520 is an upgraded version of the X500. It has a different color scheme and stronger suction. X520 ideal for multi-room, low-pile carpet, hard floor.

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