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Neatsvor X520 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Neatsvor X520 Robot Vacuum Cleaner



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  • The X520 is an upgraded version of the X500 with enhanced suction power and battery capacity
  • New generation brushless motor/ 6000 Pa(lab data) hurricane suction
  • 5200 mAh Li-ion battery/ Auto-recharge
  • The newly upgraded chip, quickly locate the accurate position and draw the cleaning path
  • Gyroscope accurate navigation/ Map Navigation
  • Adjustable suction power/wet mopping speed setting
  • 3 block water volume adjustment/ 350 ml electronically controlled water tank
  • Anti-Fall/ Anti-collision/ 7.5 cm(2.9 inch) thinner design/ 1.5 cm(0.59 inch) Obstacles
  • Edge/ Spot/ Path/ Wash/ Schedule cleaning modes
  • Wi-Fi App real-time remote control
  • Connected with Alexa/ Google Home voice assistant
  • OTA online upgrade/ Voice service
  • 3-years warranty, 15-days return
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  • Improved cleaning ability and working hours that everyone cares about
  • Increase the suction power to 6000 Pa. Equipped with a brushless motor, it can easily absorb dust particles and even clean steel balls.
  • Upgrade the battery to 5200 mAh, which greatly increases the working time and can clean an area of ​​250 square meters at one time.
  • Professional 3-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner: Use Wi-Fi and apps to sweep, vacuum, and mop the entire area in an orderly and smart way.
  • By replacing the dust box and water tank at the rear, sweeping, vacuuming or sweeping and mopping can be performed at the same time
  • The latest intelligent navigation 3.0 system, with its gyroscope, proximity shockproof and fall protection sensors, is more efficient, intelligent, intuitive and predictable
  • APP control: Smart phone application with map, you can arrange cleaning time, choose the suction power and water flow speed when mopping the floor
  • Remote control: Through the attached remote control, you can control the robot more conveniently at home
  • Its virtual map system will show you a map of the house in the app. The robot will create a map while cleaning. Also, you can see it in the cleaning history later. The robot creates a different map every time, and thanks to its intelligence, it can improve the cleaning route.
  • With its new virtual voice technology, you can connect the robot to a virtual assistant that voice controls Alexa and Google Home. You can perform various voice controls, such as start cleaning, stop cleaning, and send the robot to the charging base.
  • 2-in-1 design brush: a unique design combining a brush and a rubber brush, and at the same time it has the advantages of the brush’s efficient cleaning ability and the rubber brush is not easy to wrap around the hair
  • With its memory control function, the robot can remember the route to find the fastest and most effective cleaning route, and return to the charging base after the cleaning is complete. With this system, the robot can perfectly know where it is, has passed and has not passed.
  • With the help of a brushless motor and a unique turbo suction amplification design, it can maximize the powerful suction power of up to 6000Pa. Ensure that your floor is always clean and can collect all types of dirt
  • The robot has automatic recharging technology. If the battery of the robot is used up, it will automatically return to the charging base in the fastest route, charge the battery, and then come out again to complete the cleaning.
  • You can clean the entire house by choosing one of the 3 cleaning powers. Select the power saving mode to perform a very quiet cleaning for a long period of time while minimizing consumption. The normal mode is very suitable for daily cleaning, and the turbo mode is suitable for deep cleaning.
  • NSilence technology makes the sound of the robot less than 64dB during operation, which will not disturb your normal life
  • It is programmable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can set the running time of the robot. In addition, you can also set the suction and water output
  • 5200mAh high-capacity lithium battery, can run continuously for 2.5 hours. (*Under the best cleaning conditions: hard floor, low friction and moderate obstacles)
  • The triple filtration system and high-efficiency filtration HEPA can filter a large amount of allergens and dust, and purify the air. The 600ml large-capacity dust box can store more dust and debris
  • Thanks to the robot’s precise positioning system, it will automatically return to the charging base after cleaning, so you don’t need to intervene, it’s fully automatic
  • Suitable for all types of floors and fine carpets.
  • The 1.5cm obstacle surmounting ability allows the robot to easily climb on carpets and various obstacles, and the 7.5cm height allows the robot to easily enter the bottom of the sofa or bed for cleaning
  • Multi-sensing system: It will automatically adjust when encountering obstacles, and the height detection at the bottom prevents it from falling from the stairs

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 7.5 cm


App Control



5200 mAh

Battery Life

2,5 hours

Breakpoint Resume Cleaning


Brushless Motor




Charging Type

Automatic, Manual

Cleaning Route

Planned Type

Cord Length


Dust Box Capacity

0.6-1 L

Dust Bucket Capacity


Dust Storage Type

Dust Box




Mopping, Suction, Sweeping

Hand Draw Virtual Blocker on APP



Gyroscope, Map


55 dB







Remote Control


Remote Upgrade


Save Map


Schedule Cleaning


Suction Power

6000 Pa

Timing Reservation


Turbo Brush


Using Area

250 m²


14.4 V

Water Tank

Smart Electric-Controlled

Water Tank Capacity

350 ml

Wet Mopping


Work with Alexa, Google Home


Special Suction Nozzle

Multifunctional Combined Brush

Package Include

  • Main robot x 1
  • Charging station x 1
  • Remote controller x 1
  • Adapter x 1
  • Dust box x 1,
  • Water tank x 1
  • Cleaning brush x 1
  • Extra side brush x 2
  • Extra HEPA filter x 1
  • Filter sponge x 1
  • User manual x 1
  • Rag x 1

Neatsvor X520 include


Special Note

  • Due to the problem of customs clearance, we currently can not ship to the sea island, pls do not place the order. But if you have friends in other cities available, you can ask them to buy it for you.
  • To the liking of all other similar robots, the robot vacuum cleaner can not work on the black floor, if your carpet has large areas of black, it will be tacitly approved to be an obstacle and avoid this area because it thinks it is a precipice. Glue these photoreceptors with black/white/reddish brown tape, it will work normally on the black carpet.
  • The robot is designed with double anti-collision, infrared detection and front bumper. The walls and furniture are dark, the dark color will absorb the infrared, the infrared will be invisible and will depend on the frontal impact sensor.
  • European plug adapter (2-pin round pin). Most countries in Europe, most African countries, most countries in the Middle East, South Korea, Chile, Paraguay, etc. US plug adapter(2-pin flat pin).United State, Canada, most North and South American countries, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, etc
  • We have the oversea warehouse, if it is shipped from these warehouses, it is no tax need to pay, if sent from China, the tax is according to your customs, We will contact you in advance.

4 reviews for Neatsvor X520 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Linas

    The device is very good. My wife liked it. The daughter is delighted. After good cleaning. I scored in two days such a number of dust.

  2. Nikolaj

    Ну упаковка и доставка просто отличные. Выиграла 11.06 доставили курьером домой 20.06. Упаковка из плотного картона и она не одна, внутри также все параллели мягким все проложено и всё в своих ячейках.

  3. Romualdas

    With 6 days to Lihtuania

  4. Vaida

    Super vacuum cleaner. Delivery from a warehouse in Lithuania. Got there in 5 days.

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