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tips how to get the most out of your home cleaning device

4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Cleaning Device

If you recently bought or are seriously considering purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner, naturally, you want to get the most out of your new home cleaning assistant.

However, moving on from a traditional vacuum cleaner may be a bit tricky since the way you do house chores will be significantly different.

Regardless of which robot model you choose, there are some things to keep in mind in order to get the most out of it.

Below, we share a few useful tips on how to use your robotic vacuum cleaner to its fullest potential.

Set up a proper cleaning schedule

Most modern cleaning robots can be easily set up to operate to a certain schedule, accordingly. If let’s say, nobody is at home from the middle of the day until the afternoon a great idea would be for the robot to do the vacuuming then.

This way, the device won’t impact the daily lives of you and your loved ones, and the cleaning will be done by the time you get back.

Another way where this might also be helpful is scheduling your vacuum cleaner to do the work overnight. This is best if the bedrooms in your home are separated by doors or are simply far enough from the areas where you want the robot to clean, so as to not cause any disturbances.

Program the robot’s operational zone

Most robot vacuum cleaners, including the ones from “Neatsvor”, allow the user to program a zone in which the robot should operate. This might be extremely useful if you have limited space and a lot of furniture or other items that might get in the way of the device.

Speaking of obstacles, make sure that the area where the robot operates has as little obstructions as possible. Any blankets, pillows or other small things that may be lying around on the floor are best moved away.

In the worst case scenario, if you’re terribly short on time, simply create a clutter of items on the floor and program the robot to skip that part of the room.

Ensure the device has enough space

A common mistake that new robot vacuum cleaner owners make is simply not giving enough space for their devices to operate properly. Certain areas in the house are more likely to gather dust, food crumbs and other stuff than others.

Areas under the living room or dining room tables, for example, need a lot of vacuuming and done so frequently. However, certain obstructions like chairs and other furniture may make it difficult for the robot to reach them.

Make sure to move as many of those things out of the way as possible and on to higher surfaces, tuck any curtains or bed sheets away, to ensure that the robot cleans as efficiently as possible.

Don’t neglect the robot’s bin

Another thing you shouldn’t overlook is emptying the bin quite often. Most people don’t really pay attention to this, but its size is significantly smaller than that of a normal vacuum cleaner.

If you don’t do that on the regular, the device may overheat or even damage itself as it simply won’t have the necessary space to store all the trash it collects. This is even more important if your house is larger and you have pets at home.

This way, you’ll ensure that the operates optimally all the time.

All in all

Today we gave a few suggestions on how to get the most out of your robot vacuum cleaner. These devices can be wonderful assistants that completely remove the need to do any home cleaning yourself.

We’re sure these tips will help you operate the device to its fullest potential.


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